Hello you! we are a fashion brand from germany, founded in 2013. to learn more about us, we will give u a short insight in our philosophy.

All shirts, hoodies etc. offered, are limited to a specific number. to ensure the limitation, an individual written label with its number on it is sewed or printed on each product.

Every shirt is different. our clothes do not stem from a mass production in china. through the production process, every item passes our hands more than 10 times. we print/sew/manufactur every single piece of clothing in our small cellar-studio by ourselves. personally for you.

We are aware of sustainability. therefore, we solely print on items of producers, which are member of the fairwear organisation. also, everything is eco. investing our free time in our brand because its our passion and at the same time supporting an organisation which guarantees fair conditions for the workers in the manufacturing country, gives us a good feeling and is the basis of our motivation to create much more designs.

We are mostly affected by music, our friends and simply loving life.

Be part of us. join the movement.

handmade with love - since 2013 - basqia clothing